Puppy Game
Image source: Maryna Chervinska
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Puppy Game

Welcome to the world of exciting adventures with Pug. Help the puppy to travel around the world and collect his favorite treats. Together, you can visit France, Italy, England, the United Arab Emirates and Africa. With this free game you can teach your children about countries. If you look for a game for your kids to make them have fun and discover the world, this is the best game for you and for your girl or boy!

## Why Puppy Game is for your kids:

  • It’ll make them move physically and not just touch the screen.
  • It’ll bring them notions about new countries probably unknown to them in this moment.
  • It’s simple and nice. Our puppy likes to play dress up games too! You’ll see him in different clothes in every country.

## How to play

The game is very easy and will charm both children and adults. By tilting the phone to the right or to the left, you can run in the direction you want and a simple tap on the screen will make Pug jump. This is a special game for pets lovers.

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If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please write directly to our support e-mail vitaminlabs.help@gmail.com Enjoy the game, beat your high scores and share with your friends! Full speed ahead! Stay tuned for updates and soon you will be able to travel with Pug to new countries.