CRO: Crosswords
Image source: Maryna Chervinska
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CRO: Crosswords

The crossword puzzle game - It’s an amazing game to have a good time on the go.

With the use of this unique app it’s possible to generate more than two million crosswords in three languages. Try to complete them all :) You simply can’t get bored with this game. You will be able to learn languages and play crossword puzzles in English, Spanish and Russian.

The crossword is great to unenforceable educational purposes and children will surely find it very amusing

With this game you can challenge your knowledge and erudition, and if you need help just click on the lamp image next to the question.

The button with a picture of an eye will help you to hide the question so it not overlaps with your crossword.

The design of CRO, the crossword puzzle game is simple and easy. The colors and structure were made in a stylish and trendy way - Material design. You will enjoy even more if you play on a Lollipop ready device. And considering the bothersome effects of eye strain we have improved the commonly used font size

To start a crossword puzzle click on the circular arrow and to change the language - on the gear. You see, the app is absolutely simple and has nothing superfluous. It’s impossible to get confused!

You can download the game for free.

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